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SA Fitness Booty Bands

Each bag comes with 3 bands- light, medium, and heavy! PLUS FREE access to my app to receive a 2-week Booty Band program!! This program will show you tons of ways to use your bands, with how-to videos so you can follow along and track your progress!”

“Benefits of bands and why I love them”

    • Bands provide incredible resistance to activate the glutes and increase the mind-muscle connection, which helps make sure the glutes are doing the work! The extra resistance is key for when you want to push further with your progress.
    • Bands recruit your stabilizing muscles, which means you are strengthening the muscles that are important for posture and injury prevention.
    • The Booty Bands fold up nicely in a mini carrying bag so you can take them anywhere and get a great workout!! Talk about convenience!
    • Use them at home, use them at the gym, at a hotel, on your lunch break, you name it these bands will have your back… and your booty 😉!!!


Magnum Nutraceuticals-100% Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

  • Magnum and I are partnering up immediately. You can use my code is “SAFit” You, my clients, have a 5% discount on the website!
  • Below are my recommendations for a great weight loss stack!!
  • Prefo (Pre Workout)
  • Heat (Fat Burner)
  • Quatro (Protein powder)
  • You can now order Magnum supplements at


  • I am so excited to announce. That I have now partnered with Chefs Plate! Order from a weekly menu of tasty meals at the click of a button. Say goodbye to meal planning and grocery shopping! Keep your eye out on my social media for what I will be eating this week!
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