Join my Ultimate ‘live’ 8-Week Transformation Challenge to Build Your Dream Body!

What you’ll get:

  • High Intensity Workouts
  • Unlimited Boot Camp Classes
  • Fun and Flexible Diet Plan
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Self-Care Stretching Strategies
  • Mindset/Empowerment Community Calls
"With this 8-week challenge, I have learned so many things! From the mental things to the physical things. I have learned self-confidence and what it means to show up for ME. I can now go to the gym on my own and for me that is huge! Just knowing what I’m doing there, by following Sam’s amazing workout program, has helped me so much. I have learned self-discipline with my nutrition and my workouts. I have grown to love competing with myself by making my today a stronger and healthier day than my yesterday! I have learned which foods are great for me and which are not so great; still learning more about nutrition but I can honestly say I am getting quite addicted to some healthy whole foods! I truly never thought I would love this program and Sam as much as I do but I have learned and grown so much and I can’t wait to learn and grow more”
Katy Janko